The Film

Solar Eclipse is a movie based on real events that shaped India as a secular, democratic country and paved the way for the world’s largest democracy, as it struggled and survived through it’s formative days immediately after independence from The British Empire. The movie draws an interesting parallel between India during the life & assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, and USA during the life & assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and how their eventual assassination, though a tragic event in itself, virtually turned around the two countries to be successful secular democracies, from the separatist and civil war path that both were trudging on.

The Story of Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse is a film that celebrates democracy, while at the same time boldly and blatantly stating that great things are sometimes born out of great tragedies. And the movie is a movement. A movement towards ‘The right to know’ and ‘The right to understand’, two fundamental rights that do not exist in the classified corridors of world politics. Solar Eclipse takes the approach that world events sometimes get shaped by violence, and at other times through deliberate planning and conspiracy, but are seldom works of ‘accidents’.
The story is a conspiracy theory, blended with fiction where facts are not available, but based on a solid fact that police was well aware of the plot to assassinate Mahatma Gandhi in 1948, as stated by Judge Atmacharan, the special judge appointed for the ‘Mahatma Gandhi assassination case’. This fact was later verified and confirmed by the Kapur commission, that sat and announced it’s findings in 1967, a whopping 19 years after the tragedy.
Solar Eclipse is an action packed drama that focusses on the lives of the three police officers, who well aware that Mahatma Gandhi’s life is at risk, must act according to what they believe is their responsibility and/or is best for their country. Will saving the Mahatma save the country. Based on the movements and activities of the then Director of Intelligence Bureau (D.I.B.), the then Deputy Inspector General (D.I.G.), Central Investigation Department (C.I.D.) – Poona (Now Pune) and the then Deputy Commissioner of Police (D.C.P.) – Bombay, this is the writers take on why they did what they did, with the eye of the cinema.